New Riders

Download New Rider Application

The year at CATRA is based on a trimester lesson schedule.

  • Summer session typically begins the last Monday in June and lasts a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Fall session typically begins the last Monday in September and also lasts a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • Winter/Spring session typically begins the final Monday in January and lasts 14 weeks or more.

Check CATRA’s calendar for exact dates


New riders must complete a new rider application consisting of

  • Rider Registration and General History
  • Liability Release
  • Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Medical History (completed by physician)
  • Physician’s Authorization
  • Therapy Assessment


Lessons are generally scheduled for the same day and time each week.  Once you have completed the rider application and site visit, you can identify your availability for lessons at CATRA.  After reviewing your available times we will be in touch regarding your schedule.

Summer Lessons

Fall Lessons

Winter / Spring Lessons


Riders will most often ride one (1) time per week.  Riders are responsible to prepare their horse to the best of their ability and should arrive at CATRA 30 minutes prior to the lesson to get ready.  Preparation includes grooming and tacking.  Volunteers are on hand to assist riders in learning these skills and to support the riders where needed.  Riders will spend a minimum of 30 minutes on horseback during their lesson.


CATRA accepts riders of all ages.


The fee for each lesson is $30.00 and is payable at the time of the lesson or may be paid online.  There is also a $35.00 registration fee.  This fee is payable for the Summer session and for the combined Fall, Winter/Spring Session.


All new riders are required to have a site visit at CATRA prior to their first lesson and are encouraged to visit prior to beginning the application process.  The visit will take place with riding instructor, Shirley Nolt.  During the visit, Shirley will begin to assess the appropriate therapeutic riding requirements as well as determining the appropriate horse(s) for the rider.  The visit will also help to acclimate the new rider and family to CATRA’s surroundings.

Contact us to arrange for a rider visit.