CATRA-THON and the Good Old Days…..


When I was a kid, I listened to the adults talk about the “good old days”.  It was interesting for a while, but became boring quickly to a young ‘un.  I would wander away from the stories being told and  memories being shared, never knowing I was making memories myself every day and that one day I, too, would tell stories about the “good old days”.

Back in the day (I find myself saying that more often now) our fun was outside.  A “friends and family” get together with great food, games, animals, and the great outdoors.  One of my favorite games was the watermelon seed spitting contest.  I was moderately good at it but never achieved championship status.  Aside from that, looking back I can honestly say life was good.  Family, friends, food, fun….what more could anyone want???           

Older folks might think the good old days are gone.  Younger folks don’t have time to care.  But I am here to tell you…..the Good Old Days are here again!!!!  Where? you ask.  At CATRA!  CATRA-THON 2017 is just like that friends and family picnic with great food, games, animals and the great outdoors!!  PLUS we have shopping and entertainment!  It is going to be a fun filled day packed with great times that everyone can have and share.  Great times make memories, memories make stories, stories keep your family and friends entertained!!  The people at CATRA are one big (and I do mean BIG) family!  And the best thing is that CATRA people welcome you with open arms (not literally – no-we don’t hug you the minute you enter the barn…..).  CATRA folks know how to have fun and CATRA-THON is the biggest fun day of the year!!

So let’s see….games, great food, shopping, animals, great people…….sounds like something you don’t want to miss right?

I will see you at CATRA-THON 2017, Saturday October 21st.  If you see me, stop and tell me about the memories you made at past CATRA-THONS or memories you are making that day.  I would love to hear your stories.