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CATRA-THON and the Good Old Days…..

  When I was a kid, I listened to the adults talk about the “good old days”.  It was interesting for a while, but became boring quickly to a young ‘un.  I would wander away from the stories being told and  memories being shared, never knowing I was making memories myself every day and that […]

Riding Without Fences, Part Two

  So…..it’s official.  I CAN ride without a fence.  And you know what?  It was fun! Our next trail ride had a little excitement.  I want you to hear it from Amy’s point of view (thank you Amy for letting me use your description).  I’ll set the scene for you…. We are headed back to […]

Riding Without Fences

I am not a trail ride kind of girl. I enjoy the confines of a ring.  I like the feeling that the fence is there to, in a sense, protect me.  Sound silly?  Perhaps.  But when I am in the ring I feel safe and secure. So, when a trail ride was being planned, I […]

What A Wonderful Day for a Horse Show….

Sunday June 25th  dawned with the promise of a beautiful day.  Which is what we needed at CATRA for the annual Mini Horse Show……. Ok, some background….Kaylin runs the mini horse show and starts planning about a month and half before the event.  (She does a great job, by the way). She has to plan […]

Kids Sing Country 2017

Kids Sing Country 2017 is now a memory, but what a good one!  Sure – it wasn’t 83 degrees and sunny but it was fun!   Congratulations to all the singers who entertained us with their talent.  I’m pretty sure we saw some future Nashville stars on Sunday! For our shopping pleasure, we had vendors […]

Thorncroft 2017 from my point of view….

I really didn’t know what to expect volunteering for Thorncroft.  Sure, I had been to and in horse shows but that consisted of making sure I had the right clothes and a pair of good boots….. Thorncroft starts at CATRA way before the Saturday of the events.  Laura and Amy learn the trail course, Alex […]

Thorncroft 2017

Thorncroft 2017 is now a memory but we will be celebrating the success of our riders all year.  The CATRA riders were wonderful and brought home an impressive array of ribbons!  And we can’t forget the CATRA horses – Nickel, Pacman, Diehler, Kuel, Mik and Prescott, who did a great job.  Thanks also go out […]

Kids Sing Country

Only six more days until the 4th Annual Kids Sing Country Music Festival and Craft Fair.  This year’s festival will take place on Sunday, June 4th from 12 noon to 6 pm at the Grantville Carnival Grounds – 215 Fire House Road.  We have a great lineup of singers and some of the region’s finest […]