Blue Ribbon Picnic

Riders, Volunteers, Family, and Friends – All Welcome


The CATRA Blue Ribbon Horse Show and Picnic is a potluck celebration for riders, volunteers, family, and friends.


For the potluck, bring along a “family size” helping of any two items of your choice…  hot dish, cold dish, salad, chips, dessert.  Please be certain to label any dishes and utensils which will need to be returned.  CATRA will supply cups, plates, utensils, napkins, and drinks.


The Summer’s End Blue Ribbon Horse Show and Picnic takes place Sunday afternoon in early September.  Check our calendar for exact date.  The Horse Show begins promptly at 1 :00 PM and generally lasts until 5:15 PM.  The picnic begins at 5:30 PM.


All CATRA riders may participate in the Blue Ribbon Horse Show.

Register now to ride.  We will contact you with your approximate ride time.


At approximately 4:30 pm, brothers and sisters of riders, and children of volunteers will have an opportunity to ride.  This opportunity is open only to children who are 12 years old or younger.

Registration for this opportunity takes place at CATRA on the day of the picnic.  Sign up when you arrive.  Ribbons will be awarded to all riders.  Riders who have previously ridden in a game event are not eligible.

1:00 PM Horse Show Begins
4:30 PM Children’s Ride
5:00 PM Volunteers’ Annual Walk/Lead Race
5:30 PM Potluck Picnic Begins
7:00 PM Clean Up – help appreciated

Caitlin’s Corner Gift Shop will be open during the horse show and picnic.  CATRA apparel on sale.

Ribbon Sponsors for the event are greatly appreciated.