CATRA has been in attendance at the Devon Horse show HRD competition at Thorncroft since it’s beginning.  In 1986 Candy Dupler, CATRA’s first rider, competed.  Each year since then, CATRA riders and horses have been a major part of the event.

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Thorncroft is not only a big commitment on the part of the rider but for many of our riders also on the parents. If the parents would like their child to go or a rider feels he/she would like to compete, they can ask the instructor if they are qualified to participate.  Riders are also invited by the instructor if they are mature in their focus and have exhibited improvement from month to month.

Thorncroft is a single day competition.  A class may be as early as 8am and as late at 6pm, or they may be all done in one hour.  We have no control over the schedule.  Times that a rider competes are sent 2 weeks prior so that you have time to plan your day.

The competition is a great place to set and reach goals.  Each year riders strive to reach higher levels within the competition – as you would in any sport.

Cost varies from year to year but plan on spending about $150 to participate in the event.


Volunteers assist throughout the day at Thorncroft.  Assisting riders and caring for horses are a major part of the event.  Volunteers leave CATRA at 5:00 AM on the morning of the competition and caravan to Malvern, PA – home of Thorncroft.

Volunteers and riders bring a potluck of food to share at the CATRA tents – home base throughout the day.

After a full day of competition, riders and volunteers are treated to a hearty supper before getting on the road to return home.

The caravan typically arrives back at CATRA around 11 pm after an exhausting, fulfilling day.


The Handicapped Riders Division of the Devon Horse Show – better known as “Thorncroft“ began in May of 1986.  Thorncroft takes place in May of every year on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.