CATRA Benefit Fun Shows

Each year CATRA hosts 3 horse shows at the Twin Brooks Horse Show Grounds.  Each show takes place on Saturday and begins at 10:00 am.  Check our calendar for this year’s dates.


CATRA Horse ShowThe focus of the CATRA horse shows is to offer many different types of classes to competitors of many different abilities.

The various classes offer new and accomplished riders fantastic challenges in all types of classes.  The show is open to both new and experienced riders.

The shows benefit the riders and therapy animals at CATRA.


To ensure fair competition, participants enter only 1 category.  Cross-entering is not permitted.

Register to compete in only ONE of the following groups.

Assisted:  Individuals of any age who have assistance while participating

Walk/Trot 12 & Under:  Individuals 12 years old and younger who do not want to canter or lope

Walk/Trot 13 & Over: Individuals 13 years old and older who do not want to canter or lope

Advanced:  Individuals of any age or will canter or lope

To save registration time at the show, you may print an entry form and select your classes from the above lists. For pairs classes, you must list your partner and partner’s horse on the line to the right.




The fee to enter each class is $8.00


Registration is accepted the day of the show.


Refreshments will be sold at the event.

Ribbons and Awards

  • Class ribbons will be awarded through 8th Place. Participant ribbons will be given to others in some classes.
  • Champion & Reserve will be awarded at each show for each Division.
  • Overall Show Champion & Reserve (for the day) will be awarded at each show.
  • Division Series Champions & Reserves will be awarded at last August show, including points from all three shows. Rider must attend at least 2 out of 3 shows to be eligible.
  • Overall Series Champion and Reserve will be awarded at last August show, including points from all three shows. Rider must attend at least 2 out of 3 shows to be eligible.


  • Dressage tests are available here or at the secretary’s stand. Tests may be read without penalty.
  • Assisted Division– Rider may be assisted by a leader and/or one or two sidewalkers, or a driver in class #14 & #25 with an extra set of reins which the assistant holds. Assistant must be next to horse and rider.
  • Competitors must go into classes in Ring 1 as they are called. Classes in Ring 2 and 3 must not conflict with Ring 1. May be done at competitor’s convenience. Do NOT wait until the last minute! All MUST be completed by times indicated on specific dates. Please watch your time. No refund for missing a class.
  • Please pay close attention to classes that can be entered in particular divisions. Point tabulating is being done by computer. Classes are limited by skill and age. Cross-entering is not permitted. “Open” (advanced) competitors may not enter walk/trot classes.
  • Points are given to rider number and name of rider combined except in Miniature division in which points go to name of Miniature Horse. The number must stay with the same rider the entire show day.
  • Tack and attire may be either English or Western in Walk/Trot, Dressage and Cones events.
  • Riding Helmets must be worn in all over fences classes, in assisted games classes, and by riders under 19 in unassisted games.
  • Trail championship candidates must perform a Cones course.
  • Dressage Walk/Trot Pas de Deux: Two riders will design and perform a 3-5 minute pattern which includes mirrored 20m circles from “X” at the trot. Points count towards the Walk/Trot Division and Championship.
  • Dressage Line Driving: all horses, ponies, minis. Driver to walk beside, not behind.
  • Stallions or colts may not be shown by anyone under 18, in accordance with 4-H guidelines.
  • Pair Division: Points go to the pair of riders and horses. In order to qualify for series and each show awards, you may not change partners or horses in any pair classes. Same riders/horse or pony combination must attend 2 out of 3 summer shows to qualify for series awards.
  • The decision of the judges is final! Questions should be directed to the show management, not to the judges!