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Judd needs your help!

Judd with Tyler

Judd is a Appaloosa miniature horse foal born at CATRA on August 13, with severe laxity in the tendons of both front legs.  Technically, he has cartilage in place of bone.  Unable to stand on his own, he could not nurse from his mom (Rumi). A team of CATRA volunteers lead by Shirley bottle fed him every two hours for the first two weeks. He progressed to being bottle fed 6 times a day. Judd is eating grain now and starting to nibble hay.

Shirley and JuddJudd had to learn to walk with the aid of leg splints. They enabled him to stand up to nurse from his mom, who accepted him in spite of 2 weeks of bottle feeding, and to exercise and explore as a toddler would. He is splinted for extreme flexor tendon and carpal laxity in his front legs. Without the splints, Judd cannot stand. Under care and advice of our vet, the splints are removed daily while he gets physical therapy, then his legs are rewrapped.  It is not known how much longer this process must continue or what future methods or procedures must be undergone for his recovery.

Judd's special care costs at least $10 a day, and it may continue for many months or even a couple of years! We've started a "Help Judd" fund. Please help us to help Judd. Thank you.

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New: See Judd Update page.

Amy feeding Judd








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